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our ambassadors

These fabulous people kindly champion the work that we are doing and
help us to spread the word and ukulele love

Paul Mansell

Paul Mansell is an author, performer and ukulele teacher. He specializes in playing classical music on the ukulele.
In 2021 we worked with Paul on our book 'First Ukulele Pieces' so we are beyond delighted that he is going to continue championing our work.

Find out more about his work here

Rachel Webley

Rachel is a teacher in a Welsh secondary school and teaches a ukulele club. To help this club Rachel started making play along videos which she then shared on her Youtube channel since then Ukualians has grown to 116K subscribers! 

Rachel will be supporting the Wales Ukulele Project

Find out more about Rachel here

Phil Doleman

Phil Doleman is an educator, composer, author and performer.

Phil has travelled all over the UK and to Europe and the US performing and leading workshops at festivals, theatres, and clubs. He has performed on BBC radio and TV, and shared stages with some of the world’s finest players. He is a regular contributor Uke Magazine, has composed pieces for the London College of Music ukulele grades, and is the author of several books including “How Music Works On The Ukulele”, "How Songs Work On The Ukulele", and "Blues Ukulele". We are so delighted that Phil will be supporting the East Midlands Ukulele Project

Find out more about Phil here


Audrina, aged 7 is a superstar. She has been playing the ukulele since April 2021 and has 5 ukuleles! She is a bit of a rock chick and loves playing ukulele covers of her favourite rock bands ie. McFly, Greenday and Oasis. She took her first ever ukulele to a McFly concert and they invited her to perform with them on stage which she loved! She loves anything to do with Mars and wants to be the first person to do a gig there. She also enjoys skateboarding, basketball and getting really dirty in the garden whilst digging! She is famous in Derby for her support of Derby City football club and we are so excited that she is as passionate about getting ukuleles into schools and community groups as we are. If you don't already please make sure to give her a follow on Instagram