Angel Business Club

Get Access to Outstanding Business Opportunities

Europe’s Largest Community of Business Angels

The Angel Business Club (ABC) is a proud sponsor of the London Ukulele Trust – and has helped with networks, connections, and our digital presence.
Joining the club gives ordinary people the opportunity to invest in fantastic businesses. You can read more about it here.

How it Works?

You join up, pay a monthly Membership fee from 89€ to €999 euros; and in exchange you get monthly Free Share Allocations in a range of extraordinary businesses from start-ups to publically listed companies. Members also get access to weekly Webinars, events, networking and other crowdfunding opportunities. It is a great community for anyone wanting to get into the private equity and investment world.

You can join here following this link.

Some of the companies the club has invested in range from: a Zero Sugar Skinny Tonic and Premium Dog Food, to a Stem Cell Research Organisation and a company that puts video cameras on Roller Coasters. They have some extremely exciting developments and their Members have already experience great returns and rewards.

Thank You ABC!

We have been lucky enough to be supported by the Angel Business Club as part of their philanthropic and charitable arm.

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