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We are passionate about working with community groups and charities that share our passion and belief in the power of music to bring people together and promote wellbeing
Music For everyone

Our Mission

Our mission is to combat loneliness, build confidence and promote wellbeing. We are passionate about the power of music to build strong communities so aim to support music making for EVERYONE!
We are passionate about working with community groups and charities

We believe that everyone can be a musician given the opportunity

There are a huge number of health benefits linked to music making and we are passionate about improving mental health
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78% said that they felt more positive about things and 64% said that they had more self confidence following the course - Age UK Richmond

Music in the Community

Why the Ukulele?

Ukuleles are accessible, inclusive and super fun! In just one lesson you can learn a number of songs. They are easily transported and more affordable than many instruments.

The ukulele can be easily adapted to work in so many settings including SEND. It is a great tool to encourage singing and can really help build confidence. Research has shown that relationships are made stronger based on a shared experience. The ukulele really helps to lower social barriers whilst including all the health benefits to playing music.

It is the perfect instrument to take out into the community with many of our ukulele groups visiting care homes, schools, performing at farmer's markets.

Another reason we love the ukulele is that it is intergenerational whether you are 5 or 87!

"Just an image of 'Happiness' when he plays his Ukulele" - Sandra, Genesis' Mother, Otakar Kraus Music Trust

Music for everyone

What We Can Offer

One off workshops - give it a go sessions, where we can provide ukuleles and a teacher
6 week workshops - this is a decent length of time for people to make noticible progress. This can be online or face to face

Ongoing group lessons - we can run a weekly drop in club

Connect you to ukulele clubs already running in your area
Access resources - songsheets to play with your ukulele group

Events and Competitions to encourage creativity and performance skills 

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Are you a Charity o r community organisation?

If we can help you with ukulele donations, finding you a teacher, help with venue hire or anything else