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first ukulele pieces book two videos

We are passionate about original ukulele music and are so proud of our book First Ukulele Pieces 
original music

first ukulele pieces book two

We are so grateful to all of the amazing ukulele artists who contributed to our book 'First Ukulele Pieces' and particularly to Donald Bousted who recorded many of the songs for us and played them absolutely beautifully.
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quiet joy - lindsay higgs

variations on a lullaby in a major -
mika kane

Hail to the frightening b and e sharp -
giovanni albini

Video coming soon

floating on my cloud - donald bousted

Elements of surprise - colin tribe

spring surprise - phil doleman

carry on - nathan passchier

Raspberry ripple - stephen godsall

lead me on - matthew quilliam

swansong - matt warnes

playtime - choan galvez

a lonely waltz - matt stead

jaque mate - christopher davis-shannon

rub - jim beloff

stomp - samantha muir

you know the way - mike holland

ukulele moonset -
david megarrity & Samuel Vincent

old town - fabrizio nastari