Here you will find videos of the pieces from our book ‘First Ukulele Pieces’ and info about all the artists that contributed a piece. If there is no video embedded then please click onto the song name to be taken to another page that the artist has uploaded it to. To be taken to the artists’ website please click on their name. If there is no link then it hasn’t yet been provided to us by the artists, please come back another time.

Bala – David John Roche

Gee I Love G – Roland Prakken

Simple Things – Paul Mansell 

Try Again – Sammy Turton

Check out Sammy’s Piece on his Instagram page 

Curiosity – Laurence Diehl

The Wombat’s Lullaby – Morgana Creely 

Peace Like An ‘Ukulele – James Hill

Monsters in the Attic – Mike Haysom

Are You Afraid of Spiders – Tony Mizen

Deep Breathes – Arden Fujiwara

The Colour of Joy – Boris Mogilevski

Get the Job Done – Cathy Welsford

Flames of Wrath – Sally Carter

Willow‛s Bounce – Mark Witney

Tara’s Song – Elisabeth Pfeiffer

Quiet Joy – Lindsay Higgs

Arpeggio Meditation – Daniel Ward

Tsuki Moon – Heidi Swedberg

Variations on a Lullaby In A Major – Mika Kane

Hail to the Frightening B and E Sharp – Giovanni Albini

Floating on my Cloud – Donald Bousted

Elements of Surprise – Colin Tribe

Spring Surprise – Phil Doleman

Carry On – Nathan Passchier

Raspberry Ripple – Stephen Godsall

Lead Me On – Matthew Quilliam

Swansong – Matt Warnes

Playtime – Choan Galvez

A Lonely Waltz – Matt Stead

Jaque Mate – Christopher Davis-Shannon

Rub – Jim Beloff

Stomp – Samantha Muir

You know the Way – Mike Holland

Ukulele Moonset – David Megarrity and Samuel Vincent

Old Town – Fabrizio Nastari