Jingle Bell Rocks 

Lockdown 2.0  

We were very sad not to be able to host our Christmas Busk at Waterloo Station this year because of Covid-19. Instead we put together another collaboration this time to spread some Christmas cheer with ‘Jingle Bell Rock’

With this project we are raising money for The Trussell Trust who support a nationwide network of food banks who together provide emergency food; support to people locked in poverty and campaign for long-term change.

A huge amount of people have had to turn to food banks for support for the first time this year because of the pandemic so help is needed more than ever. 

We are so grateful to everybody that took the time to send us their videos and hope that it will put smiles on faces and make people feel less isolated. Perhaps you might spot a friend or a family member? 

We had over 70 videos from all over the world including Argentina!! plus Ukulele players from the UK, Ireland, Germany and the USA.

A special thank you to our ukulele celebs: Paul Redfern, Samantha Muir, Christopher Davis Shannon, Ashley Herrick Orlando, John Mahaus, The Hedge Inspectors, Amelia Coburn, Matthew Quilliam, Mike Haysom, Paul Mansell, Andy Daniels and Matt Hicks if you have time to check out and support their music please do!

Also a special thank you to Steve Gilbert and his fellow volunteers at The Trussell Trust Rugeley for their fabulous dancing and to Chris for his final message! It is amazing work that you are doing especially during the pandemic. A record 1.9m food bank parcels have been given to people in the past year. No one should go hungry. Please help us in spreading some Christmas cheer by sharing this with EVERYONE you know. For many people this Christmas will be hard as we are unable to be with friends and family. We hope that this song will put smiles on faces and remind you that you are not alone. Thank you and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!