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National Ukulele Day

We are passionate about performance, opportunities to be inspired and about taking our ukuleles out into the community. Here you will find info about National Ukulele Day

national ukulele day

2nd February 

This National Ukulele Day we are challenging you to join us in making a pledge: to take our ukuleles out into the community, at some point this year, and to play our ukuleles to a friend, family member or neighbour. Even teach someone a song.

To help you fulfil this challenge we have put together a FREE activity pack with ideas, songsheets, worksheets and some info about loneliness and ideas on how to openly and positively talk about loneliness.

We hope that there is something for all ages and abilities, schools and community groups so we haven't put it in order of difficulty or age suitability. Please take from it what will be useful to you. Each worksheet will be listed individually in our resource and available for free until next National Ukulele Day.

This year our theme is hawaii

Included in the activity pack is a classroom display about the History of the Ukulele and a worksheet. We have also included a list of some of our favourite Hawaiian Artists for you to listen to and explore and for February and March, we will be posting a Hawaiian Song (or Hawaiian inspired) every Wednesday on our YouTube Channel. We have had 3 fantastic arrangements donated to us by Matt Stead, Matthew Quilliam and Christopher Davis-Shannon that are included in the pack and we have included our favourite song 'Someone to Lava'