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We are passionate about giving access to music to all to build confidence, combat loneliness and promote wellbeing
Music For everyone

Our Mission

Our mission is to combat loneliness, build confidence and promote wellbeing. We are passionate about the power of music to build strong communities so aim to support music making for EVERYONE!
There are a huge number of health benefits linked to music making and we are passionate about improving mental health
Our office workshops have a real focus on music for wellbeing, goal setting, confidence building and playing together as a team. Music really helps to break down social barriers and build stronger relationships
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Fun, Engaging Music In Schools

Why the Ukulele?

It's accessible

Ukuleles are small, portable, affordable and instantly gratifying

It's Joyful!

with its charming, bright sound, you can't help but smile when you play the ukulele


Anyone can learn to play! regardless of your age, ability or background
Working with us

Ukuleles in the Office!

Whole Office or/and Small Group Workshops - we can run one big workshop where the whole office joins in or smaller classes for more focused team building

One off Sessions - we can run one off give it a go sessions. Usually 1-2 hours.

A Workshop Series - We can run a series of weekly 1 hour lessons over a period of time. Why not work towards a performance? Your team can perfect one or two songs to then perform at your office Christmas party or fundraiser

Specific workshops on Genre or/technique ie. Blues, Fingerstyle, Meditation and Mantras. Is there a favourite song in the office you want to learn?

Do you want wellbeing workshops in your office?

We understand that offices look very different at the moment following the pandemic so let us know if we can help offering something online, face to face or a hybrid course