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past events

These are some of our previous events


Thanks to your generousity our crowdfunding campaign helped us donate more ukuleles as well as raising funds for our website, develop our shop and to start our libraries project. It has also allowed us to employ help with operations.

2020 Super Groups

With a Little Help From our friends

'With a Little Help From my Friends' - we had over 100 ukulele players get involved from all over the world to raise money for Help Musicians and NHS Charities Together. A percentage also went to donate a set of ukuleles to the music therapy department at The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, in Putney, South West London.


2020 Super Groups

jingle bell rock

We had over 70 videos from all over the world including Argentina!! plus Ukulele players from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and the USA. With this project we raised over £1000 for The Trussell Trust who support a nationwide network of food banks who together provide emergency food; support to people locked in poverty and campaign for long-term change.

The Beginnings

Half Moon Putney, Childrens festival, school and send workshops

In our first year we were fortunate enough to receive and arts grant from the national Lottery which allowed us to donate over 200 ukuleles to schools across LondonWe also ran a series of workshops in a Primary School, Secondary School, and SEND setting.AND hosted 2 live events - a children's festival and a night at the Half Moon Pub in Putney.We worked with Grand Northern Ukulele Project to have 2 fantastic artists from the USA. Not only fantastic performers but also excellent teachers. Daniel Ward and Heidi Swedberg.At the Half Moon in Putney Daniel and Heidi were supported by Age UK Richmond's ukulele band- patch Ukulele Band and the children's festival also saw performances from Opera-Lele, Matt Stead, some of LUP's students and 2 rising stars aged 13 and 14.We can't wait to do something similar again.  
Mass Busks

Waterloo Station Mass Busks

December 2018 we hosted our first mass busk in Waterloo Station. We had 60 ukulele players from all over London. In 2019 we doubled our numbers! We hope that this will be a firm date in our events calendar. Each year we raise money for charities ie Okatar Kraus Music Trust and The Basement Door