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welcome to the East Midlands Ukulele Project

We are looking for venues, clubs and volunteers

We cover Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northampton, Nottinghamshire and Rutland.  Are you interested in learning the ukulele or are you a ukulele teacher in the area? Are you a fellow ukulele enthusiast based in the  East Midlands with some time to volunteer? 
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the east midlands ukulele project

The East Midlands Ukulele Project opened its doors in January 2022.

The East Midlands Project is open to all passionate about creating places and safe spaces for people to come together and build a shared sense of belonging, making positive connections and enriching individuals wellbeing.

Finding meaning is at the heart of combatting loneliness to have an enjoyable shared interest builds relationships and communities. We are looking to run classes for older people, carers, refugees anyone or any group who we can help.

We are also looking to encourage children to engage in a lifelong interest by offering after school club, assisting teachers in becoming uke leaders and going into school during the day to take a uke class.

We will be offering a mummies morning uke course the perfect class for mum and new baby to find friendships, chat about tiredness. It can be tough and lonely being a new mum so connecting with others is so important to combat the isolation it can bring. Fun and friendships is what we're about.

If you are interested in setting up a community group or are keen to learn the ukulele and based in the East Midlands area please get in touch.

Music lover, mother and ukulele devotee. An advocate of wellbeing, yoga and meditation.

Past Project

Sammy Turton aka 4 String Boy is coming to Belper, Derbyshire  to run a workshop and performance at a great community venue No. 28 Click below for more information
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Current Projects

We are building on the number of Libraries we have donated to. We are currently in Chesterfield Library and thanks to a grant from Music for All we will be heading into some more across the East Midlands by the end of the year
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Past Project

Myself and Tara from the London Ukulele Project ran a workshop in an office as part of their wellbeing and teambuilding day. It was great fun and they managed to learn the 4 chords of Rock in just 2 hours meaning that we played a great number of pop and rock tunes!
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