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welcome to the Wales Ukulele Project

We are delighted to be currently offering:

Online Beginner Sessions via Zoom for Children and Adults.
Every Tuesday from  7:30pm to 8:30pm, we run a Beginners Strumming Club. Come strum some songs, learn new chords and improve your techniques. These are informal beginner groups where anyone can join, sing some songs and socialise. Don't be scared - Join our beginner online sessions, you can even mute and turn your camera off. No one will know.

We also hold an Advanced Beginners sessions every Thursday at 7:30pm till 8:30pm.
Here you will learn the fretboard, playing melodies, fingerstyle and basic music theory.

Every Thursday 6:30pm to 7:30pm, we have our children's session. Children will learn songs, melodies and music theory.

Our Advance and Children's content is inline with the Rockschool Ukulele Syllabus.
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the wales ukulele project

The Wales Ukulele Project was brought together in August 2021. Over the years we have been a support for ukulele groups and clubs within Wales. We have provided a starting block for people to join a group to socialise and not feel alone. It’s not just about the music but the social interaction every gets out of singing and socialising with others.

We run our own classes and sessions in partnership with charities, libraries and community groups. We also run workshops and events,  as well as support teachers and community leaders. Our profits go towards donating ukuleles and resources to community groups, schools and libraries.

Our Ukulele Jams are very popular including our Porthcawl Summer Jam and Ukulele Day at Pembroke Castle. More events in the pipeline including Pembrokeshire Ukulele Festival.

We are looking for people to join our team, whether you are a teacher, graphic designer, photographer or just want to help out at events, please email walesukuleleproject@gmail.com.

Shaun Keddy
IT guru by day, by night uke player/teacher and founder of Maesteg Ukulele Club

Working With Libraries

We have been working with Libraries across Wales to introduce people to the ukulele. We have been able to setup lending libraries with AWEN (Bridgend) and Torfaen. Libraries in these counties are able to loan out a ukulele with an introductory booklet.

We have also delivered 6 week starter sessions in partnership with AWEN and look forward to producing more in the future.

Are you library that would like to join in the scheme? Get in Touch!
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Supporting Schools

By helping us raise funds at our various events we are able to support Schools with the Wales National Plan for Music Education.  We will be donating our first 30 ukuleles to Ffaldau Primary School in Bridgend.

Are you in a PTA? Do you want to help raise funds to get ukuleles for your school? 

Email for details!

Group Jams

 Bringing people together as a community is part of our aims and our group jams help achieve this. 

Throughout the years we have had a Summer Jam at Porthcawl where we have seen around 60 ukulele players come together for a strum and a good afternoon. More to come next year.

In 2023 we will be running a Christmas Jam at Aberafan Shopping Centre on the 9th December. If all goes well, it is possible that this will also become a regular event. 

Know a place good for a Jam? Want to raise funds at your own Jam? Let us know.

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Upcoming Events

Our 4th Annual (this is now a thing?) Porthcawl Summer Jam will take place on July 6th.  Playing songs from 50's to modern day. 
The day will be split into 2 parts - 12pm to 1pm then 2pm to 3pm. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Song book available below.
Download Song Book


On June 14th/15th 2024, with the support of The Hopefuls in Pembroke we brought a full weekend of camping at Dewslake Farm with a ukulele festival thrown in. Joining us was Ukumaniacs and Phil Doleman. Various groups across South Wales also joined in.

As part of the Ukulele Project UK tour, Sammy Turton aka 4StringBoy visited Wales on October 16th 2023 and presented a workshop and performance. 
We have also produced online shows featuring a mix of amateur and professional ukulele players.

Artists included Samantha Muir, Sammy Turton, Morgana Creely, Plastic Jeezus, Christopher Davis-Shannon and many many more. We look forward to producing more of these in future.

Watch Previous Live Shows Here
In 2020/21 as part of Maesteg Ukulele Club, we produced live Youtube shows to give people hope during lockdown. This brought amateur players together with the more professional performers. Artists that were involved were Paul Mansell, Elisabeth Pfeiffer, Phil Doleman, Marc Gallagher, Ashley Orlando, Charlie Fischer, The Hedge Inspectors, Mandi Harket, Ukus in Fabula and Mike Haysom, This can be rewatched on the Maesteg Ukulele Club Youtube channel.
Watch Previous Maesteg Ukulele Club Shows Here

Work with us in Wales

Are you a charity, community group, library or school based in Wales, wanting to work with us? We would love to hear from you!

Wales Ukulele Project socials