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Notebook Set


With blank pages just waiting for your thoughts, goals, and chord diagrams, these items are your creative playground.

We’ve got three awesome colors for you to choose from: black, pink, and blue.

What you’ll find inside:
  • Notebook – A5
  • Stickers
  • A bookmark
  • Pencil – ‘I love Uke’
  • Inspirational quotes – ‘Big Ideas Start Small’ & ‘Art is How We Decorate Space, Music is How We Decorate Time’
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Ever felt that spark of pure magic when you’re lost in the world of your imagination?

Well, we’ve got something special to share with you. It’s the Ukulele Project Notebook, Stickers, a Bookmark, and a Pencil, and it’s all about celebrating the incredible talent of our art competition winner Liam Morton, who’s just 9 years old! ????


This is Liam with his prize which was a ukulele that he could paint. We are blown away but what he did!

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Black, Pink, Blue