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Practise Notepad


Often when it comes to learning a musical instrument we don't acknowledge progress because music education is a never-ending journey.......even the greatest musicians still have to practise and are always learning.

At the Ukulele Project, we are very keen on promoting wellbeing and building confidence so we've designed a practise notepad to help students do just that.

Each pad has 50 easy tear sheets


Let's make practising our ukulele even more FUN! Our notepads give you or your teacher the means to quickly set practise exercises:

  • Chord of the week
  • Space to note your favourite part of the lesson
  • List your practise goals and tick them off each time you practise it
  • How did the practise make you feel? circle the emoji that best describes it
  • 4 lines at the bottom that can be used to make additional notes, for a short TAB to practise or to let your teacher know which song you would like to learn next
  • A frame to create a weekly doodle to reflect how you are feeling about your ukulele practise

Sheets per pad: 50 Paper Type: FSC Mix 70% Cardboard backing sheet Size: A4

For young adults and adults we are putting togehter a Practise Journal COMING SOON