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Morgana Creely’s – Waiting For Rain


We are super excited to be supporting Australian Ukulele artist and educator Morgana Creely’s new book ‘Waiting for Rain’ by being her UK/Europe stockist

Starting with a few gentle beginner pieces and working through to the more advanced compositions “Waiting for Rain” contains twelve original pieces composed specifically for Baritone Ukulele and DGBE Tenor Guitar.

Graded from Beginner to Early Advanced, each piece contains both the staves and tab, as well as fingering fingers for both left and right hand.

For orders to USA or Australia please visit Morgana’s website here

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You can listen to accompanying audio files on Morgana’s Youtube channel, they are also available for purchase from Bandcamp.

Morgana’s piece ‘Wombat’s Lullaby’ can be found in our ‘First Ukulele Pieces’ Book ONE

It’s so good to find pieces written specifically for the baritone that really bring out the depth and sustain of the instrument. All of the pieces in this book, whether they are classed as beginner or early advanced (a nice touch to grade the pieces) are very well written, thoughtful in their construction, and a pleasure to play. Bravo! – Phil Doleman