What is Ukulele Wednesdays?

It’s a free weekly ukulele jam, which happens concurrently in two locations in London and welcomes all levels, from beginners to advanced. A fun strumalong to liven up your humpday! Bring your ukulele and a songbook. Download the pdf to your tablet/or phone, or if you’ve extra cash to spend, print it out.

How do I join in?
Turn up with your ukulele and songbook, and be ready to say hello and play with the friendly and wonderful people at either of the two venues.  If you want a bit more online activity, head over to twitter and facebook (see below for details). See you for a strum?

At what time does it start/end?
Go for food from 6:30pm or go for a strum between 7:30-8pm. The last strum is usually around 11pm.

Where is it?
Ukulele Wednesdays happens concurrently in 2 London venues each week, see below for details. Join in at the one most local to you, or try them all out and see which one you prefer. They tend to feel different week-to-week, so worth trying each venue a few times.