With A Little Help From Our Friends 

Charity Single

Our aim is to help combat loneliness and use music to promote wellbeing so as we are unable to meet in person we invited some of our friends to join our ukulele super group! 

Over 100 ukulele artists, mainly from around the UK but also from USA and Germany, sent us some amazing tracks. We can’t wait for you to hear it and to start raising money for charities supporting the frontline.

Profits from streaming and downloads will go to: 

50% to NHS Charities Together, 48% to Help Musicians, 2% to us.

As the national membership organisation for NHS Charities, NHS Charities Together represent, champion and support more than 140 member charities. £5 could fund a hot meal for staff, £50 could fund a tablet so that patients can connect and with loved ones, £95 could fund a counselling session for patients who are self isolating and unable to leave their homes.

Help Musicians not only supports musicians but those directly involved in the production of music. Many in this industry are falling through the gaps for government help and although outdoor events have been given the go ahead it might not be until next year before many are able to work at full capacity again. Help Musicians also run a support line called Music Minds Matter, a 24 hour free support line. It doesn’t have to be a crisis, they have trained advisors to listen and support

We hope to be able to donate more ukuleles to schools and community groups but also to music therapy groups within hospitals. We also hope to be able to organise more events and workshops, virtual and face to face, to not only continue bringing people together but to also support the fantastic ukulele artists that have lost work due to the pandemic. 

The single will be available to download/stream from a number of streaming sites from 20th August including: 


We are so grateful for any support you can give us.  These are all the ways you could support this project! 

  1. Download the single ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ on your preferred platform (info above) 
  2. Tell ALL of your friends and family about it. Your neighbours, postman, local press….you get the idea! Help us go viral 
  3. Make a donation to our Go Fund Me page 
  4. Buy a souvenir T-shirt! (100% profits will go to Help Musicians)
  5. Watch the video on YouTube and subscribe to our channel
  6. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  7. Join our mailing list 

Thank you! 


Who is Who in the video

A HUGE thank you to the following amazing artists in order of their video apperance:

Robin Evans, Phil Doleman, Matt Stead, Andy Dan, Sam Brown, Alex Carroll, Elisabeth Pfeiffer, Katy Vernon, Ukulele Simon, Marc Gallagher, Simon Fernard, Opera-Lele, Tricity Vogue, The Hedge Inspectors, Andy Eastwood, Charlotte Pelgen, Tara Maysey, Phillipa Leigh, Sarah Kelly, Heidi Swedberg & Daniel Ward & Petey Mack. Sam & Caroline on Bass, Tom Hooper on drums

and to all the following ukulele players from around the UK, Ireland, Germany and USA: 

Mandy, Emma, Gary, Brian & Emma, Sheila & Sam, Perrin, Leo, Geoff, Debra, Ashley, Alex, Kyra & Aeyana, Katie, Hannah, Helen, Mark & Caroline, Mia, Rachel, Stephen, Alison, Dean, Marika, Aaron, Gwen, Matt P, Lee, Dinah, Mona & Roland, Phil, Mark, Christine, Simon, Allan, Mary, Sarah, Mary C, Debs, Viv, Gail, Luke, Fiona, Steve, Sara, Sabrina, Neil, Gillian, Hetty, Claire, Lee & Noah, Viv, Margot, Elena, Claire McC, Gaynor, Cinzia, Tom, Paul, Lorna, Charlie, David A, John, Daniel, David, Mark & Sarah, Maureen, Steve, Mo, Stuart, Sandy, Jacqui, Niall, Baibre, Neil, Kay, Carol, Bill, Barry Meridith & Felicity!

Finally a MASSIVE thank you to the production team:

Engineered by Matt Maysey

Video Edited by Mark Barnfield 

Artwork Nadia Farronato