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Joining a ukulele club is not only a great way of improving your ukulele playing, but also a brilliant way to meet kindred spirits and make new friends.

Ashton Ukes

Ashton Ukes was created in March 2020 by local ukulele enthusiasts.

We meet up every other Sunday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at The Boundary Pub & Restaurant, 2 Audenshaw Rd,, Guide Bridge, Audenshaw, Manchester M34 5HD.

What we do: We often have theme evenings, e.g. a Beatles evening or songs with ‘Blue’ in the title etc. The idea is to just stretch our imagination when looking for new songs to try out together.

Some songs work, some don’t! Each session always includes a few songs from our own repertoire to keep them fresh for any performances coming up.

Sometimes members perform a solo. They have been working on – don’t panic, this isn’t obligatory, but it’s amazing what it does to your confidence when you do have a go.

Email: ashtonukes@gmail.com

Website: ashtonukes.blogspot.com