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welcome to the Scotland Ukulele Project

We are delighted to be currently working with:

An after school club. Beginner courses for LGBT Health and Wellbeing Scotland. A weekly Uke Jam in Ibrox Parish Church, Glasgow. Sarah can also be found teaching at Village Music in East Kilbride

the scotland ukulele project

Ran by Sarah Farren, aka Ukulele Saz, the Scotland Ukulele project was founded in April 2021.

Since that time, the SUP has been growing and blossoming with style, networking with a wide variety of community groups and organisations.

So far, we have been working with LGBT Health and Wellbeing, Maslow’s (refugee & asylum seeker organisation), MOSS After School Service, Universal Connections Mobilise Music Project(Youth Centre), Wise Women, and started our very own weekly jam session on a Tuesday! We also are exploring a new partnership with Kenny’s Music, a local music shop in Glasgow, as well as working closely with Village Music in East Kilbride, another local music shop.

As our ukulele kingdom is growing up here in Glasgow, as is the need for some help within our community. We are looking for more volunteers to help with the daily running of the SUP, including dealing with our email inbox, networking with organisations, and organising ukulele workshops, events and ukulele donations.

We are also on the look out for an additional ukulele teacher(s), who are passionate about delivering enthusiastic and inclusive ukulele beginner workshops to a wide variety of communities of different ages, abilities, and from all walks of life.

If you’d be interested in joining team SUP, and working alongside Saz, please get in touch, we’d LOVE to hear from you!

Check out more of our work below, the communities we work with, and see what’s next on the agenda for the SUP!

Sarah Farren
Passionate and Energetic Ukulele Teacher, Music Lover, Lover of travel and the outdoors

SouthSide Strummers


From October, meet us in The Corona in Shawlands. From 8.30-11pm, join us for a ukulele jam. Here you’ll be welcomed by a lovely community of ukulele players of all ages and abilities. Bring your ukulele and join in!

Want to really brush up on your ukulele skills?  Join Ukulele Saz in her weekly classes that run before the jam each Tuesday

Beginners 6.15-7.15pm
Intermediate 7.15-8.15pm

Total beginner? We run 8 week beginner blocks to take your from rookie to rockstar, and will spark some confidence in you to jam with our jam group every Tuesday!

Rainbow Ukes

Our LGBT+ inclusive to all ukulele jam group! In collaboration with LGBT Health and Well-being.

We meet each Wednesday in Bonjour from 6.30-8pm.

We also run beginner blocks of lessons in the LGBT Health and Wellbeing offices. These blocks are ran by members of the Rainbow Ukes group, so you feel even more welcomed when joining the jam.

We were initially funded by the National Lottery Community Fund who helped us get up and running, allowing us to deliver beginner workshops and cover our venue in Bonjour, in turn helping support another LGBT+ business.
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Both of our community jam groups are free to join! Donations to the Scotland Ukulele Project are always welcome, as they help keep us funded, keep us running, and keep us well nurtured!

Music SHop Partnerships

We work closely with Village Music in East Kilbride, and many of our community have been looked after when purchasing instruments there by the lovely staff.

We have a NEW partnership with Kenny’s Music, right in the heart of the city centre of Glasgow. Join us here for one off events/workshops, to purchase a new ukulele, or even some classes (coming soon.)
Village MusicKennys Music

Mobilise Music

It has been over a year now we have been working with the Key, Universal Connections in East Kilbride, helping to deliver their mobilise music project. This is a fantastic scheme, funded by Creative Scotland to provide music lessons to kids from all walks of life for free. Kids and teens have the opportunity to perform, play in bands, record their own songs, and receive free music lessons. We have been delivering ukulele lessons to kids in Primary 6-7, and now with teenagers in high school.

We hope to be able to continue this when the current funding runs out.
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This is an incredible organisation, caring for the refugees and asylum seekers who come to Glasgow. Maslow’s provides clothing and support to the community, as well as provides a free safe space to get involved in the community. They also provide a wide variety of skill development opportunities, including English classes, craft classes, yoga, self-defence and more. We donated 15 ukuleles to Maslow’s, and ran drop-in ukulele sessions open to all ages and abilities. We even received a visit from the First Minister of Scotland back in July! We hope to be able to work with Maslow’s again in the future when more funding becomes available
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Office Workshops

We have started working with organisations delivering one off well-being ukulele workshops. We provide the ukuleles, the teacher, and the fun, and you sit back, relax and learn to strum and sing to your hearts content with your workmates! Get in touch to book your workshop now!
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MOSS After school Care

We Donated 10 ukulele to this awesome after school club, and worked with many of the kids from Primary 3-7, delivering ukulele lessons throughout the school year.

We have received funding!

To do what?

We are delighted to have received funding from the National Lottery, to help us continue to deliver our lgbt+ ukulele workshops.

What does this mean?

This funding will ensure that people have access to inclusive music education, providing beginner workshops with expert tuition that will run throughout the year, as well as our weekly jam group for ukulele players who want to play some music together!Each Wednesday, our Rainbow Ukes jam group meet at Bonjour from 6.30-8pm. You can pop along any time, or get in touch at rainbowukes@gmail.comLGBT Health and Wellbeing provide a number of services to lgbt+ people, promoting wellbeing and ensuring everyone has a safe space to be themselves and connect with others.
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We are an Arts Award Centre

What is an Arts Award?

A range of unique qualifications that supports anyone aged up to 25 years old to grow as artists and arts leaders. In England, Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London and Arts Council England.

What do you currently offer?

We can support children and young people to work towards their Discover and/or Explore Awards. Children and young people collect evidence in an individual arts log of their experiences of participating in arts activites, researching artists and/or arts organisations and their work, sharing their arts discoveries, creating a piece of art work and identifying what they have enjoyed and/or acheived and their communication of this to others.  If we can support your school, your student or organisation in working towards an Arts Award please get in touch for more information

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Work with us in Scotland

Are you a charity, community group or school based in Scotland, wanting to work with us? We would love to hear from you!

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