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Tara Maysey

Hello I am Tara Founder of the Ukulele Project. Mummy to Louis who you might see in my Instagram posts every now and then! I am privileged to teach ukulele to students from 3-87 years old and also teach piano. In 10 years of teaching the ukulele I have witnessed first hand how amazing this instrument is at bringing people together and how powerful a tool music can be in promoting wellbeing. The awesome photo of the team above was taken by Peter's Photography Gallery at GNUF '23

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Sarah Farren

Founder of Scotland Ukulele Project. Better known as Ukulele Saz! I have been Teaching ukulele for 7 years in a local music school, and with over 12 years teaching experience in various fields. I’m an energetic and passionate teacher who strives to help students find their own unique paths and really truly be themselves. I believe that music and the ukulele has the power to accompany that!

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Shaun Keddy

Founder of Wales Ukulele Project. In 2015 I founded Maesteg Ukulele Club From here, I developed the club with appearances at festivals in Wales and supporting any club organiser that would need my advice. Beginner sessions were developed to generate more membership for the club. I also organised a Ukulele festival for clubs in Wales which has been running since 2018. In 2020 as the world changed I brought my club and beginner sessions online, opening these up to a wider area. Due to my technical knowledge, I developed live Youtube shows to keep everyone entertained during lockdown. This brought in amateur performers alongside well-known artists.

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Justine Abri Hodder

Founder of South East Ukulele Project. My ukulele story began in 2014 when I asked for a ukulele for Christmas. It was untouched for six years... until the 2020 Lockdown. I finally dusted off this neglected ‘toy’ and I’ve not missed a day playing since! After leaving my corporate Learning and Development career a few years back, to set-up Lego robotics children’s clubs, adding Ukulele Teacher to the mix seems the obvious next string to my …uke? Helping people from children to adults has always been a passion of mine so being part of the Ukulele Project is an honour!

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Anna Maris-Dawe

Latest to join the team. Founder of the East Midlands Ukulele Project. Mum of two teenage boys and two doggies. My love and dedication for the ukulele began after the ukulele revitalized my life after major surgery in 2020. Being a hugely enthusiastic advocate for wellbeing and yoga I was left feeling lost unable to move post op. I decided I needed to do something to keep me uplifted. I am passionate about music so decided to try the ukulele. Not only did this wonderful instrument benefit my mental health but it set my soul on fire!! Having a career that spans from pre school children to working with bereaved families and having first hand experience of the loneliness grief and loss can bring I knew that becoming a uke teacher for beginners was the next step on my journey. I could not be more excited to join the ukulele project team and share my passion for the ukulele to help others.

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Nic Chambers

Hi I'm Nic, Latest to join the Ukulele Project team. Founder of the North West Ukulele Project and leader of Ukulele Club MUGs. I also work for my local music hub and have completed the James Hill Ukulele Teacher training. When not in a classroom or watching live music I enjoy making things and being a Mummy

Dawn Young - Operations Co-Ordinator

Mum to two girls that keep me on my toes! I have been married to Howard for ten years. I write and sing songs in my very tiny amount of spare time, and have sang in a couple of bands over the last ten years but I am actually too shy to perform live! I love recording music and if I ever won the lottery I would love to set up my own studio or pay a producer to make an album or 2. I am learning so much about music in the community and working with Tara is very inspiring! I am thrilled to be supporting all of the Ukulele Projects.

Nadia Farronato - Graphic Designer

Hello! I am Nadia a graphic designer by trade and mother to two gorgeous boys. I specialise in all areas of graphic design, from branding, print based and packaging design. I live in South West London. I LOVE design and am excited to be working on so many different ideas and variety that the Ukulele Project brings. 


Ellie Pritchard - Grant Writer

I'm Ellie, I'm 23 and I am a postgraduate student at King's College London. I first became interested in the issue of loneliness after reading Olivia Laing's The Lonely City (which I thoroughly recommend!). I am particularly interested in loneliness when it is associated with modernity, technology and social pressures amongst young people. I live in South East London