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We cover Lancashire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside.
Are you interested in learning the ukulele or are you a ukulele teacher in the area?
Are you a fellow ukulele enthusiast based in the North West with some time to volunteer?
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the north west ukulele project

The North West Ukulele Project is the lastest to join the Ukulele Project family.  Nic is a qualified music teacher and has been teaching for nearly 20 years! Her ukulele journey began in 2009 after returning to work following a period of ill health. Her classroom and instruments were in a mess so she bought a class set of ukuleles and the rest is history! She has since taught the ukulele to hundreds of students across the age ranges and loves the accessibility of this small but mighty instrument. Nic set up Mossley Ukulele Group or MUG in 2016. They rehearse twice a month and perform for lots of community events. Nic is passionate about community music making and its power to bring people together and improving their lives.

If you are interested in setting up a community group or are keen to learn the ukulele and based in the North West area please get in touch.

Nicola Chambers

Southport Library Loan Scheme

Southport Library is the first North West Library to have a ukulele loan scheme. This scheme will allow adult Library Members to gain access to music and connect with the local community across Sefton. Many thanks to Ukulele Buddies who have donated the ukuleles to make this project possible.
Sefton Library

Ukulele Beginners Course

The Atkinson Development Trust in collaboration with North West Ukulele Project are funding a series of beginner courses, taught by Karine Woodward.

Many thanks to Ukulele Buddies who have donated the ukuleles to make this project possible. More information on courses coming soon.

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