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Joining a ukulele club is not only a great way of improving your ukulele playing, but also a brilliant way to meet kindred spirits and make new friends.

Dancing Flea Orchestra

The Dancing Flea Orchestra started, in late 2015, as a result of a couple of people in a Penzance-based choir deciding to branch out and learn to play the ukulele. The original two grew quickly to nearly 30 novice players, all learning 3 chords under the guidance of the choir leader. We quickly gained confidence and began hiring a local community hall in Townshend, near Penzance to practise together. By early 2016 we had enough local support to organise a west Cornwall ukulele festival, with the great Phil Doleman as our star guest.

Since that time we have gone from strength to strength and even the Covid pandemic has not dimmed our enthusiasm for playing, and during the worst times of the lats 2 years, we met on Zoom to perform new songs and to keep in touch.

The highlight of our time together was to discover that another ukulele band called the Dancing Fleas were active in North Carolina and in the September, before the arrival of Covid, two of their members came over from the States and joined us to play at the 2019 St Ives Festival.

We meet fortnightly on alternate Wednesdays at 1.30pm.

Email: dancingfleaorchestra@gmail.com

Website: facebook.com/dancingfleaorchestra