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UKE Club Directory

Joining a ukulele club is not only a great way of improving your ukulele playing, but also a brilliant way to meet kindred spirits and make new friends.

The Shropshire Ukulele Massive

Formed 2011. We are am amalgamation of uke clubs in and around Shrewsbury, Shropshire. We have members from ‘The Belle V’Ukes’ ‘The Brickaleles’ ‘Shrewsbury Ukes’ ‘bird in hand ukes’ and ‘Shrewsbury U3A’

Here’s the idea – There are loads of Ukulele bands/orchestras/societies/meetings/individuals etc all around the county of Shropshire, England’s greenest and pleasantest land. The aim of the SUM is to attempt to group together all of these amazingly talented and dedicated people so that we can all work together to provide services such as joint gigs for charities/events all around the county, workshops/classes/school demonstrations etc to get more people interested in learning to play ukulele.

Email: info@shroprock.co.uk

Website: www.shroprock.co.uk/sum.html