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UKE Club Directory

Joining a ukulele club is not only a great way of improving your ukulele playing, but also a brilliant way to meet kindred spirits and make new friends.

Ukes at the Wharf

Ukes at the Wharf are a group of ukulele players who meet every Thursday evening 7.30pm at the Stanley Club in Burscough.

It’s a friendly group, who welcome newcomers, irrespective of playing standard.

All the songs are displayed on a big screen, and microphones are available for solo or duo singers who wish to lead a song.

Typically most nights there is a ukulele player leading songs for the whole group to play and sing along with for around 30 minutes and then other ukulele players can step up and lead a song, or play along or a solo piece.

There’s no pressure to perform, so it you just want to come along, learn some new songs, play ukulele and make some new friends this is the place for you.

Email: ukesatthewharf@gmail.com

Website: thestanley.club