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UKE Club Directory

Joining a ukulele club is not only a great way of improving your ukulele playing, but also a brilliant way to meet kindred spirits and make new friends.

Yeovil Ukulele Club

Yeovil Ukulele Club (YUC) was established in 2014 after its founder, Val, visited a ukulele club whilst on holiday in Florida. Val enjoyed playing the little instrument so much that she decided to set up her own club. An advert in the local paper was all it took, 14 people arrived, each week the numbers grew and the rest is history! Val’s dream was to create a happy club in which people from all walks of life meet, strum and sing-along whilst raising awareness and money for local charities. The club has made many memorable performances including the Yeovil Show and supporting Chesney Hawkes at Taunton Racecourse. In 2018 Yeovil Ukulele Festival was born, a handful of club members created this wonderful event to showcase the talent of the ukulele world whilst raising money for charity. After having to cancel the last two years festivals due to Covid-19, we are excited to be back this year.

YUC meets every Wednesday evening from 6.30pm until 8.30pm at the Yeovil Rugby Club. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Email: mike.valandrews@btinternet.com

Website: yeovilukulele.club