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play uke forward

We are passionate about everyone having access to music as a tool to tackle loneliness and promote wellbeing which is why we donate ukuleles to schools, and community groups and libraries.

'Play Uke Forward'

Do you have a starter ukulele gathering dust in the corner of a room?
Give your old instrument a new life by donating it to our “Play Uke Forward” programme.
We need:
???? Donations of instruments
???? Donations of funds to buy ukulele cleaner and new strings
???? Volunteers to help collect, check, and restring instruments ???? Volunteers to help teach simple songs at the pop-up stall

How to donate your instrument:
Make sure your ukulele is in good condition and playable, with no broken or missing parts.
Make sure your ukulele has a case. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just enough for someone to get their new instrument home safely.
Please don’t donate low-quality toy ukuleles. (If you got it on Amazon for £20, it’s probably not going to stay in tune, and won’t inspire a new player.)
Contact us to arrange a convenient drop-off.This is a pilot programme, starting small in London with the aim of expanding to more Ukulele Project locations around the UK, as well as colleges, music festivals and other related events. Your donation helps us to make our first pop-ups a success, and bring the joy of ukulele to more and more people around the country. Thank you for your support!
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