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We are passionate about original ukulele music and are so proud of our book First Ukulele Pieces 
original music

first ukulele pieces book one

We are so grateful to all of the amazing ukulele artists who contributed to our book 'First Ukulele Pieces' and particularly to Donald Bousted who recorded many of the songs for us and played them absolutely beautifully.
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Bala - David John Roche

Gee I Love G - Roland Prakken

Simple Things - Paul Mansell

Try Again - Sammy Turton

Check out Sammy Turton on his Instagram Page 

Curiosity - Laurence Diehl

The Wombat's Lullaby - Morgana Creely

Peace Like An 'Ukulele' - james hill

Monsters in the attic - Mike Haysom

are you afraid of spiders? - tony mizen

deep breathes - Arden fujiwara

the colour of joy - Boris Mogilevski

Cathy welsford - Get the job done

Flames of Wrath - Sally Carter

mark witney - willow's bounce

Tara's Song - Elisabeth Pfeiffer