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We believe in music for everyone

From Scotland to the South East, at the Ukulele Project, we are using the power of music, specifically the ukulele, to bring people together, foster connections, and address the challenges of loneliness while promoting overall well-being

how do we do this?

We grow and support sustainable ukulele groups and classes in partnership with charities, community groups, schools and libraries.
Our profits are used to donate ukuleles to schools, community groups and libraries.
There are numerous ways to support the work that we do from attending one of our events, buying some merch, booking a team buidling workshop, followng us on social media or donating monthly in exchange for access to our resources.

Read on for more info.
🎉   723 Ukuleles donated so far out of our 1000 Uke goal  📈

Uke Donations

We donate ukuleles to schools, community groups and libraries. This is our tally since our first donation in 2019. Do you have a ukulele that you no longer play? Participate in our unique initiative, 'Play Uke Forward', and give your old ukulele a new purpose
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Direct from Hawaii and Sheffield

Andrew and Jay Molina and Dead Mans Uke 2x2 Tour

We are so excited to have helped organise a tour with these 2 amazing father and son duos. They will be in Dublin, Sheffield, Belper, Newcastle, Brampton, Aberdare, Bournemouth and London
In some venues they will be offering workshops
Help Spread Ukulele Joy

Play Uke Forward

We are taking to the streets to spread ukulele joy and gift the gift or music to anyone willing to stop for a ukulele lesson and a chat

Do you have a beginner ukulele that you no longer use and would be willing to donate?
Are you able to donate money for strings or ukuleles?
Are you able to volunteer your time to help teach some basic chords or/and busk?

Impact report

May 2023 - May 2024

May 21st is our birthday which is why our impact runs from May to May each year. We are really proud of what we have achieved this year and are so grateful for your support as it wouldn't be possible without you.
We published a book!

First Ukulele Pieces

We are super proud and excited to have published a book of beginner melody pieces all written for the ukulele by artists from all over the world! Kindly put together by professional ukulele player Paul Mansell 'First Ukulele Pieces' provides an exciting collection of finger picking pieces composed by many of the world's top ukulele composers including James Hill, Colin Tribe, Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Daniel Ward, Heidi Swedberg, Arden Fujiwara, Sam Muir and Phil Doleman. All 35 pieces were originally put together in one book as a limited edition. This can now be found as Book One and Book Two or all 35 pieces can be downloaded as a downloadable pdf Videos of the pieces can be found here First Ukulele Pieces Videos - Book One and First Ukulele Pieces Videos - Book Two

We are also excited to stock 2 of Morgana Creely's books for Baritone Ukulele. You can find all these in our online shop
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Video Showcase

From our youtube channel…

Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffet #ukuleleplayalong

A downloadable PDF of this songsheet is available to our Patrons. You'll find this in our 2024 Songbook Become a Patron ...

our teaching resource

Join our ukulele family and help us to combat loneliness. In exchange for your patronage you get access to loads of songsheets and worksheets that you can use with your students either in the classroom or with your community group. With 3 different tier groups you can either support us as a School, Teacher or Community.

We also have a FREE tier with some themes ie Christmas so you can get a taste of what we offer.

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Our environmental pledge

It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. So since 2020, for every 30 ukuleles that we donate we pledge to plant 20 trees and promote a climate postitive workforce.
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